About the Band

“What Katie Did” is a band of like-minded musicians who have been playing together for seventeen years.  We play a vast range of popular music hits in many genres across five decades.  All members are experienced musicians having played in many bands across Australia, New Zealand and in the UK and will ensure that our performance suits your type of event.  We play the songs you love, the songs you love to sing along with and the songs you love to dance to.  We know them because we were there too.
We can do cool and quiet, we can do hard and rockin’ – we tailor the programme to suit your event.


Band Members

Katie Hardman
Lead Vocals

Katie grew up in Victoria and has always loved playing music. She began teaching herself guitar at the age of fifteen but singing is her passion. Katie teaches music and feels lucky to be able to have so much music in her life. It's a great escape and such a good feeling to see the joy it brings to others.

Tony Russell
Guitar and Lead Vocals

Tony was brought up in the UK in a family of musicians.  After leaving school he went to work as a guitar maker for Vox where his claim to fame was making a guitar for Prince Charles and also a custom Vox Phantom for Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.
Tony arrived in Australia in the 70's and, over the next few years, played guitar with various bands, touring all across Western Australia.  He considers himself fortunate to have met up with Katie and the guys from What Katie Did seventeen years ago and is delighted to have been able to play with such a talented group of people who truly love the joy of making music.

Geoff Sutton
Drums and Percussion

Geoff cut his craft in New Zealand where at the age of 8 he started by banging on empty honey pots mounted on bamboo poles.  He eventually progressed to playing drums in high-school brass & pipe bands, touring the country and taking part in many performances and competitions.
His passion for the drums developed naturally towards getting behind the full kit and was soon playing in many and varied rock bands along the east coast of the North Island playing Kiwi & Oz classics, jazz, punk, rock and good ‘ol rock-n-roll. It was all on the menu.

Steve Buckberry
Guitar and Harmonica.

Steve regards his early musical influences to be the blues and rock ‘n roll artists of the 50’s and early 60’s. By the mid 60’s he was playing the music of the British invasion in various bands across the east coast.
At that time he regards himself fortunate to have known and played with a number of very talented musicians, some of whom went on to become successful artists both in Australia and overseas.

Dave Wyatt
Electric Bass and backing vocals

Dave joined his first band at the age of 16 and played all over the south-west of England in the mid to late 1960s.  The band performed cover versions of the popular songs of the time and he considers this period in his life to be the most influential on both his musical taste and his desire to continue performing.
In the band, Dave primarily plays electric bass but also, as a hobby, plays acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and a little keyboards having been taught music from an early age at school.  Dave loves to sing backup vocals in the band and attributes his love of harmony to both his father and grandmother (a music teacher) who sang in the church choir.